Accredited Investors Only

Because investment information is available on our company website, Point Spread Media must remain compliant with the United States Securities Act, Section 4(a)(2), Rule 506(c). This means that investment in our company can only be made by accredited investors. The Securities Act defines an accredited investor as someone who meets one of the following qualifications:

  • Have a minimum net worth of 1,000,000
- or -

  • Have earned a minimum of 200,000 per year if filing single, 300,000 per year if married and filing joint returns. You must have met this threshold for the past two years, and expect to meet it the current year.

It is assumed that an investor who is accredited is more sophisticated, and therefore more capable of assessing the risks associated with any given opportunity.

Our Opportunity

Point Spread Media uses multiple media channels to reach and engage an audience of American sports bettors. Our primary outreach channels include radio distribution, magazine publishing and mobile applications.

The nature of our media distribution creates substantial organic market exposure on it's own. Simply put, we are the media outlet that you would go to if you were interested in reaching a sports betting audience, so we have no difficulty propagating our own products and services within this market.

The company is currently opening it's Corporate Round of funding, which is utilized to raise capital while also securing long-lasting strategic alliances. This round is designed to raise 15 million in capital, and is based on a three year operational plan. Here are some quick highlights:

  • Most Widely Distributed Sports Betting Publication
  • First "National" Sports Betting Radio Network
  • Three-Year Revenues Exceeding 139 Million
  • Three-Year Profits Exceeding 71 Million
  • Over 150 Jobs Created!

The company founders have allocated a sizable portion of company equity to be sold during this funding round to raise the required capital. Preference is given to partnerships with those who have some element of strategic advantage involved in addition to simple capital. Minimum investment in Point Spread Media is only 50,000.

More specific details can be found in our Business Plan, Revenue Model and other relevant Business Documents. Please note that because this offer is limited to accredited investors, the completion of an Enrollment Questionnaire is required before investment documents can be viewed.

Cost Analysis

Human Resources (25%)
Operating Costs (19%)
Sales & Marketing (56%)

Revenue Sources

Internet & Data
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