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Bet Masters

Bet Masters Set to Air in Las Vegas

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Point Spread Media expands it's broadcast operations by introducing “Bet Masters” as a Las Vegas radio show. The show will air two hours each night on local Las Vegas radio KSHP, with plans in the works to syndicate the show to other major radio markets.

Point Spread Media is a multi-channel media production and distribution company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company specializes in publishing, broadcasting and the development of mobile apps, with all of their activities focused exclusively on the legal sports betting market in America.

The company began to develop it's broadcast division in July, when it launched as an internet streaming platform. A mobile app is in development for Point Spread Radio, and the company is beginning to branch off of it's internet streaming by creating some programming for over-the-air radio markets in major U.S. Cities.

People prefer to consume content a lot of different ways,” stated Jerry Garner, Executive Director of Point Spread Media. “Some people prefer to use apps, others prefer radio airwaves. No matter how a listener wants to receive information, we want to be positioned to deliver based on their preference.”

Based on this dual-purpose broadcasting model, Point Spread Radio is preparing it's first over-the-air radio program. Bet Masters will be a two-hour radio show that will be aired from 8-10PM Pacific Time, seven nights per week. The show will be broadcasting from KSHP 1400AM in Las Vegas, and will also be streamed live on Point Spread Radio. The company is currently working towards getting the show aired in Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey and other major markets.

Set to air beginning October 1, Bet Masters is the first of many radio shows that Point Spread Media will introduce to radio stations across the country. The company has as many as 10 separate shows in pre-production and will introduce them to the public at a rapid pace. Until then, interested persons can get a feel for what to expect with the Bet Masters radio show by viewing the show's media kit:

Point Spread is also preparing for a formal introduction of their publishing division with the launch of two publications. The Sports Gaming Journal will be a weekly newspaper servicing the sports betting community. Point Spread Magazine will be the company's flagship product, and will debut as the most widely distributed print publication dedicated to the topic of sports betting in America.

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