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Point Spread Radio Bumps Alex Jones' InfoWars From Las Vegas Television Market

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Point Spread Radio has been rapidly expanding it's broadcast distribution channels in order to gain a larger audience footprint. What started as a simple internet stream is quickly branching out into over-the-air radio broadcasting, roku and radio-by-television opportunities. In their latest broadcast agreement, the company bumped Alex Jones' InfoWars Radio off the air in Las Vegas and replaced his television broadcast with Point Spread Radio.

Point Spread Radio was launched earlier this Summer as an internet radio stream operated by Point Spread Media. Since it's inception, the radio network has continued to strive towards growing beyond being a simple internet broadcast and to create a genuine broadcast footprint where a community of core listeners can be cultivated.

The quest to create a large broadcast footprint from scratch has taken the company in some interesting directions. A dedicated roku channel is in development, which will likely be replicated on Apple TV and Amazon Fire. Point Spread Radio is also in negotiations with a number of over-the-air radio stations across the United States in an effort to secure content distribution deals that will syndicate Point Spread's radio programming in major radio markets.

“We're always interested in new ways to deliver content to relevant listeners,” said Jerry Garner, Executive Director of Point Spread Media, “We're also very receptive to requests from the public regarding new ways they like to consume audio content.”

Things got more interesting on Wednesday, when the company announced they had closed a deal with KGNG TV Ch. 26 in Las Vegas. KGNG operates a free over-the-air television station in Las Vegas, that the city's 2 million local residents can watch using a digital converter box. The station operates a number of sub-channels, and has assigned Las Vegas tv channel 26.10 to Point Spread Radio.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the story is the part that was left out of the company's initial announcement. A part of what makes the Point Spread – Channel 26 deal such a landmark is who Point Spread Radio replaced when they took over the sub-channel.

Prior to Wednesday, Channel 26.10 in Las Vegas aired InfoWars Radio, presented by conspiracy king Alex Jones. KGNG removed InfoWars from it's lineup and placed Point Spread Radio on the channel in it's place. Now anyone who tunes in to tv channel 26.10 in Las Vegas will be able to listen to Point Spread Radio over their television.

Rod Myers, Broadcast Media Director for Point Spread Media, was quoted as saying, “The fact that a television station in a major market is willing to take a nationally syndicated product like InfoWars off the air, then replace it with our radio network, says a lot about the level of respect we are receiving from the broadcast community.”

The company has confirmed that they will be expanding their “radio over television” approach, and will be creating partnerships with additional television stations to broadcast Point Spread Radio on a tv channel. There's no word yet on whether or not any of the stations being spoken to currently carry InfoWars. In addition to distributing radio over television, Point Spread is also negotiating syndication deals with radio stations across the country, which could further cut into Alex Jones' InfoWars market share.

“It's not that we're trying to start a broadcast war with Alex Jones,” Garner commented, “but we do want our radio platform to be heard in as many places as possible.”

Radio and television stations that interested in carrying programming from Point Spread Radio are encouraged to contact the network through their website.

Those living in the Las Vegas metropolitan area who have a digital converter box for over-the-air television are encouraged to tune in to channel 26.10 to listen to Point Spread Radio.

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