Mobile Betting in Indiana
Mobile Betting in Indiana

Making Mobile Sports Bets In Indiana

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It's been one month since the first legal sports bet was placed in Indiana. Now mobile betting becomes legal in the Hoosier state, allowing for vastly expanded gambling opportunities. Point Spread Radio offers you an early look at how to make mobile sports bets in Indiana.

Last month, Point Spread Radio ran an article announcing that legal sports betting had arrived in Indiana. The article provided details on which casinos would offer retail sports betting and gave insights on how to bet on sports in Indiana. Mobile betting was not yet an option at that time, but times have changed.

One month after the first legal sports bet was placed in Indiana, the Hoosier state now moves into the next phase of legal sports betting by issuing their first mobile betting licenses. As of Thursday, it has been possible to place a sports bet anywhere in the state by using an authorized mobile app. Currently, both DraftKings and BetRivers are licensed to accept sports wagers in the state of Indiana.

Mobile betting is a topic that has been hit or miss as a sports betting boom sweeps across the country. While mobile betting is completely legal in some states, it has been left off the books in others, and still others have limited mobile betting options. In Mississippi, for example, mobile betting is only available if you are physically located at the casino, which somewhat defeats the purpose of the mobile betting concept. In states where mobile betting is completely licensed and regulated, such as in New Jersey, the benefit typically exceeds the revenue offered by retail counterparts at physical casinos.

Although retail sports betting at a local casino was the only option available in Indiana for the first month, visitors and residents now also have the option of mobile betting in Indiana at either DraftKings or BetRivers. Additional mobile options will be available as FanDuel, Sugarhouse and William Hill go online in the coming weeks.

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