Ringside Boxing Action Comes to New York City

Ringside Boxing Action Comes to New York City

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Boxing is back, and coming to New York City. Point Spread Media will produce and air Ringside Boxing Action, hosted by Boxing Hall-of-Famer Al Bernstein. The one-hour boxing radio show airs each Saturday in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas.

Boxing is back, and looking to expand into new markets as interest in the sport grows. After months with virtually no sports, boxing fans have had a taste of the return of the sweet science with opening cards from Top Rank airing on ESPN, and Showtime Championship Boxing expected to return next month. Point Spread Media is adding to the media exposure with the creation of Ringside Boxing Action, and one-hour weekly radio show hosted by Al Bernstein.

Point Spread Media is a Las Vegas-based media company that engages in publishing, broadcasting and mobile content delivery. Ringside Boxing Action is the first radio program produced by the Point Spread Media, and serves as a building block for a 24/7 sports betting radio network being developed by the company.

As part of their commitment to set new standards in sports broadcasting, Point Spread Media is coming out swinging with respect to the talent they are bringing into the fold. Ringside Boxing Action will be hosted by Showtime Championship Boxing's Al Bernstein. Bernstein is recognized internationally, due to a 40 year career in the boxing community that saw him as broadcaster and commentator at some of the biggest fight cards in recent history.

Ringside Boxing Action will air each Saturday beginning July 11. The show will be broadcast live from Las Vegas and aired in New York City at 7:00PM on WSNR 620 AM. The show will also air in Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as being available online at PointSpreadRadio.com. Additional market coverage to be announced.

New Yorkers who tune in to listen to the show each week will be treated to a new type of boxing content. As a show created to be part of a sports betting radio network, Ringside Boxing Action will feature analysis of the fights from a uniquely Las Vegas perspective, with comprehensive coverage of betting odds and an insider's look at how public opinion is moving the betting lines.

Tune in Saturday, July 11, at 7:00PM for the inaugural episode of Ringside Boxing Action with Al Bernstein.

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